How Can You Benefit?

Starting a business without support is difficult. In Canada upwards of 85% of small business fails in the first 3 years. We believe if these entrepreneurs had taken The Canadian Microbusiness Training Program©, their outcome may have been very different. This training is targeted to aspiring entrepreneurs who have a valid business idea and a strong determination to succeed.

Entrepreneur Training Features:

  • Part I - Classroom Training; (6) weeks full time (Monday to Thursday, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm) with experienced Facilitators, Business Coaches and Business Owners helping you develop a professionally written business plan.
  • Part II - Implementation Phase; (20) weeks to launch your business with (10) hours of intensive coaching and mentoring to support you through the start-up phase.
  • Interactive and motivational group learning experiences in small classroom setting.
  • Guest Speakers with financial, legal, insurance, marketing, social media, leasing and sales expertise.
  • Access to Computer Lab and WI-FI internet.
  • Hosted monthly Networking Sessions.
  • Promotion of your business on Facebook and MBTC website "Success Stories".
  • Located downtown with easy access to public transportation and ample parking.

Typical Clients Taking Entrepreneur Training: 

  • Receiving a Severance Package;
  • Retired or Semi-Retired;
  • Military Veteran;
  • First Nations, Aboriginal or Metis;
  • Immigrant or Newcomer to Canada;
  • Collecting a Pension;
  • Receiving Maternity/Paternity or Disability Benefits;
  • Receiving WCB Benefits;
  • Recieving AISH or Disability Pension;
  • Part Time or Casual Employment;
  • Access to Personal Savings or the Support of a Partner/Spouse;
  • Currently in Business, needing a Business Plan;
  • Seeking a Career Change