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Get the Benefits

Getting started on the right foot can make all the difference. Did you know In Canada, upwards of 85% of small business fails in the first 3 years. We believe if these entrepreneurs had taken the  Canadian Microbusiness Training Program©, their outcome may have been very different. Our training is targeted to aspiring entrepreneurs who have a valid business idea and a strong determination to succeed.

Entrepreneur Training in Person and now Online Features:

Clients are provided professionally developed materials that are designed to meet their needs and schedule. You will have access to our resources:

  • Professionally developed business templates and training materials
  • Business coaching and mentorship
  • Introductions to:  Finance, Legal, Accounting, Insurance, Marketing, Commercial Leasing, E-Commerce, Web Design, Social Media and more
  • Research and guildance to source grant applications and funding available for Albertans
  • Boardroom with high-speed internet and WiFi (applicable to in person training only)
  • Networking Opportunities 
  • Opportunity to feature your business in "Success Stories" at www.microbusiness.ca or on the Microbusiness Face Book page or Microbusiness LinkedIn page
  • For in person training - convenient downtown location with easy access to the LRT/public transportation

Typical Clients Taking Entrepreneur Training: 

  • Receiving a Severance Package;
  • Retired or Semi-Retired;
  • Military Veteran;
  • First Nations, Aboriginal or Metis;
  • Immigrant or Newcomer to Canada;
  • Collecting a Pension;
  • Receiving Maternity/Paternity or Disability Benefits;
  • Receiving WCB Benefits;
  • Recieving AISH or Disability Pension;
  • Part Time or Casual Employment;
  • Access to Personal Savings or the Support of a Partner/Spouse;
  • Currently in Business, needing a Business Plan;
  • Seeking a Career Change