Startup Entrepreneurs for 2011

We are excited to participate in the launch of12 more business startups!  Contact us if you wish to connect with them:

CromWorks Enterprises Inc. provides contract services to the business community including: Scheduling , Budget and Change Management, complex Microsoft Excel template & macro development; customized training, key business metrics and trending, business process improvement, and freelance writing of technical reports, executive summaries, marketing, and proposals.

EgyCan Trade & Services Inc. offers Event and Trade Show management, cultural celebrations and major events focused on the Muslim Community, international trade services and logistics, and marketing and graphic design services.

EMP Group offers Employer Brand Management, Internal Brand Research, Development, and Application, Corporate Culture Evaluation and Enhancement, Personal Coaching and You - The Brand: Training Seminars.

Hang N' Shine Blind Cleaning is a mobile blind cleaning company that will come directly to the customers' residence or commercial business and remove, clean and re-install blinds in an extremely cost effective and efficient manner.

Illustrious Art and Graphic Design is a graphic design company that will work closely with clients to create an array of print media - from brochures and business cards to flyers and page layouts, taking their ideas from abstract concept to a final illustration ready to go to the printer.

Information Marketplace Inc. is a management consulting firm specializing in integrated planning and program evaluation services.

Limux Computer Systems provides top quality products and services, computer repairs and service, network service, internet and web solutions, and future retail products.

Saya Clothing Corporation will offer a woman's clothing line made of fabrics from around the world, where the accessories will match the outfits. The store will also carry interesting styles of décor, offer in-store alteration, special orders and custom design.

Shield Telecom Networks provides residential and industrial structured cabling for data transmission such as Voice, Data, Surveillance and Television installations, High Speed Internet, Wireless and remote, Video conferencing, Troubleshooting,  Low Voltage Copper Cabling (Cat 6, Coax), and Fiber Optic Cabling.

Trail Dogs Canada, Inc. is a for-profit club for dogs and people who enjoy the trail, focused on walking, running, skijoring, kicksledding, carting, biking and scootering; providing clinics, classes, a pro shop and events.

Victor-E-Book Keeping Services offers bookkeeping services along with training that helps the owners keep and stay organized in their offices. This business also offers training on how to do- it-yourself to save time and money.

YardGaard Property Services offers lawn cutting and snow removal services to residential and commercial properties.  On a seasonal basis YardGaard provides yard cleanup, aeration, and power raking services.  The company will always take the time to do a job right and not cut corners in order to save time on a specific job and will deliver top quality customer service.

Jim Spiers