Startup Entrepreneurs for August 2011

This month (August, 2011) we are excited to participate in the launch of11 more business startups!  Contact us if you wish to connect with them:

Almighty Mechanical is built on values that will stand the test of time - honesty, integrity, reliability, and quality - they are "the clear connection". The owner is a certified plumber and gasfitter, providing drain cleaning, fixture repair or install, new construction and renovations, focusing on bathroom and kitchen makeovers.  The company will keep in mind their impact on the environment, and inform customers of their eco-options.

 CanMold Trading Inc. is an import/export company proudly importing fine wines and spirits from various regions of Eastern Europe, as well as exporting select Canadian goods in the future. Hand-picked exquisite wines and spirits will help win new customers.

Clover Girl Cleaning is a residential cleaning company that offers weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, one time or special needs cleaning.  The company offers a Basic Clean, General Clean, Move In/Out, Spring/Fall cleaning and After Construction Cleaning. 

Creamy Design offers services in marketing communications including Web Design and Marketing, Video Production, Motion Design and TV Commercials, Corporate Identity, Promotional Marketing, Graphics and Advertising Design. The company's main goal is to help businesses explore the use of digital media to communicate with customers, the community and to sell their products or services.

Divorce Depot assists couples through the divorce process. This includes education about all the options and processes to choose from; mediation to work through the details of the divorce including the four topics mandated by the Courts: division of property, spousal support, child support, and a parenting plan; provision of an Agreement in Principle (mediator's report) that records all decisions made by clients; and assistance with filling out the paperwork required to file a divorce application with the Courts.

Flow Artz Distribution and Development provides solutions to the flow arts community. Edmonton is a thriving community of art and festivals, and along with this comes a vast community of artists, dancers and musicians. Flow Artz provides promotion services for artists, an online talent agency, flow art and career workshops and courses, Skywriter advertising technology and an interactive online training center and artist database.

Fur & Feathers will be a pet daycare and boarding facility for birds and dogs, with an agility course, a swimming pool, personal attention to each animal, a comfortable place to lie down or just run around, and grooming services. Birds will be in a separate room with a great window for natural light, This room will have an air cleaner and ozone cleaner to keep the birds and humans healthy. The room will have a water fountain and tropical plants to also improve the air quality.

Jaswal Holdings will operate Residential, Commercial, and Rural Real Estate for both buyers and sellers, manage properties for realtors, homeowners, investors and financial institutions, acquire parcels of land for syndication and development, and rezone land into commercial and residential communities.

Office Genie provides administrative and marketing solutions to small to medium sized companies. Offering contracted general office management/assistance, they specialize in word processing, desktop publishing, transcription, and bookkeeping with remote and mobile services available.

Portable in a Storm is an innovative service company delivering alternative boutique portable toilets to any location or event where a chemical porta-potty would typically be found. Waste management and fresh water supply have been urgent issues since humankind first formed settlements, and as our population soars environmental concerns have escalated to crises. Transforming our human 'waste' through the alchemy of composting rewards two fold: fresh water is not polluted and flushed away and composting generates an invaluable resource in the form of fertilizer. Inspired by the invisible micro-organisms that naturally heal and repair our landscape, the owner will supply a discreet, dedicated, holistic and green solution to this most basic human need.

Take 5 Office Solutions is a Virtual Office company that provides Administrative Support, Bookkeeping/Payroll and a Reception/Answering Services. The owner has hands-on life experience working in the nonprofit volunteer sector in the field of Business Management, Administration, Reception services, and Simply Accounting.

Jim Spiers