Startup Entrepreneurs for June 2011

This month (June, 2011) we are excited to participate in the launch of12 more business startups!  Contact us if you wish to connect with them:

Birdseye Fabrication Inc. will be a fine woodworking shop specializing in musical instruments, furniture, and small wooden objects.   With the intention of lowering overhead and diversifying knowledge, Birdseye will be offering shop memberships to likeminded woodworkers in the Edmonton area.

BonVoyage Celebrant Services Inc. works with families experiencing loss, to guide, create, support and lead what have been known as funeral services. In today's language, these are now referred to as Celebration of Life, Memorial Service or Life Tribute. They also provide educational workshops about loss, grief and support before a loss occurs.

Eco Evolver delivers Climate Change education and literacy, Personal Sustainability Coaching and Workshops, Home Sustainability Audits, and Internet based instructional video and information products that cover a range of "Sustainable Living" topics. At Eco Evolver, they believe that personal sustainability and climate change preparedness are built upon the same foundation so their job is to help clients get clear about what that looks like, and to provide the resources they need to take their green dreams to the next level.

Genre Fiction Magazine is a subscription based online magazine catering to lovers of science fiction, fantasy, mystery and horror; the four most popular genres of fiction today.  GFM holds story-telling as integral to our culture, and seeks to grow the love of story through the expanding technology of the internet and digital readership.  GFM's target market is moderately affluent men and women with a history of buying digital publications and ebooks, with a love of fiction and story.

Grass Roots Aviation Environmental Products Inc. supplies the aviation industry with energy saving lighting, heating, vehicle devices, a safety/environmental aviation poster series and aircraft de-icing fluid collection programs. Additionally they sell a Do it Yourself glycol collection / storage and treatment program known as the Glycol Management Plan, glycol collection technical support service and turnkey glycol collection, storage and treatment programs. 

Hillcrest Tile & Stone is a tile setting and masonry installation company that specializes in custom home tile work. Hillcrest is most pleased to accept specialized contracts for arched entrances, foyer medallions and intricate mosaics that other companies are generally unqualified for, while continuing to provide the best in the standard services expected such as tile setting and repair, bricklaying, paving stone and cultured stone installations.

Life Structures Inc. offers personal and professional organizing support for home, business, and life. It is the company's mission to help its clients clear their clutter and make way for their happy and healthy futures. They work with clients to construct a program that specifically addresses their needs. Individual project assessments are conducted to articulate the client's goals. Upon agreement on the terms of the organizing, we get to work. This could be providing a sorting and purging plan for an area of the house or garage, setting up a budget and bill payment system, or building a time management schedule.

Payala Power Corporation will provide home owners and general contractors with electrical services including home wiring, trouble shooting, and product knowledge. Products may include wiring, device boxes, control switches, multiple styles of plugs and switches, environmentally friendly "green" products, and specialty and traditional lighting .

Rafter Valley Developments is a community based residential property development company, specializing in the construction of eco friendly and affordable housing. They are the first production builder using a new Magnesium Oxide Structural Insulated Panel. They will make owning a property economical for a growing segment of Edmonton's population.

Refinery Consignment & Design Studio Inc. will be a consignment retail boutique that carries a well edited collection of trendy, unique casual clothing. The studio space will provide short workshops on how to mend and alter clothing. Refinery differentiates itself from traditional clothing consignment retailers by focusing on experience, service and specialization.

Sunday Studios will be a shared design studio space and a store gallery for local designs (small objects, furniture, printed works, etc.). They will be a place that helps facilitate these ideas - a network of design resources for the public and commercial sector. In their shared studio space local, independent designers, groups of designers and artisans  will work, make and sell things and display their creations.

Tear Cup designs and produces a product, and offers a service that helps to educate and support in times of loss and end of life matters. They also offer Grief Coaching, educational seminars and workshops. The grief coaching provides tools and expertise to skillfully guide those in painful places, through the process of mourning their loss towards a place of healing.

Jim Spiers