Startup Entrepreneurs for Jan 2011


This month (January, 2011) we are excited to participate in the launch of 14 more business startups!  Contact us if you wish to connect with them:

Bear Hands Holistic Care & Consultation Inc. teaches Women's Cycle Charting (WCC) to women and couples, as the basis of more comprehensive reproductive and sexual health services. This is offered as workshops or as private instruction in reproductive empowerment, natural birth control, and conscious conception. 

By Brush and Bead is a studio that designs and produces unique, one-of-a-kind items such as single decade rosaries pre-made for craft fairs and hosted home parties. Custom memorabilia are designs that are crafted around a piece of personal or family memorabilia.  Also offered are original oil paintings done from the artist's own photos taken when traveling.

Cakedmonton LTD. makes uniquely decorated cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more. Each order is decorated to incorporate the customer's ideas. There are cakes for any occasion: holidays, birthdays, special events, organizations etc. Cakes can go from 4 inch to 18 inch and 1 tiered to 10 tiered.

Earth's Emporium is a retail import business purchasing handicrafts from around the world, to offer a wide selection of unique personal and home accessories.  The diversity of products includes original paintings and sculptures, woven blankets, traditional clothing refurbished into handbags, jewelry and clothing. One of the goals is to help establish artisan cooperatives around the world to support a fair trade supply chain. This will create opportunities for economically and socially marginalized producers under safe and empowering working conditions.

GingerRoot Tavern will be a neighbourhood pub that triumphs Edmonton's alternative music scene.  It is a community hub - bringing together students, locals, bands, and artists throughout the day and night in a medium sized, comfortable "Canadiana" setting.  Full liquor service is provided as well as small foods and coffee service during the day.  It is the only pub in Edmonton that is committed to "Betterment Edmonton" - a pledge to promote social well-being by dedicating a portion of profits to staff and local initiatives.  Dedication to the community is implicit in the manner it serves and respects it patrons, staff, and associates.  This is apparent the moment you open the door and see these values proudly displayed.

Liquorama will specialize in top end products like Scotches, Vodkas, Ryes, Wines, Collector Bottles and liquor related products, as well as lower priced products at very competitive pricing. Liquorama will provide a Scotch Tasting Club and Wine Tasting Club, with monthly tastings, specials, and a frequent buyers stamp card, which will attract a loyal and product educated clientele.

PT Wyler Illustration & Design specializes in magazine & book illustration and innovative sequential art. The studio will initially offer illustration and graphic design services while building an online community surrounding two web comics the studio is currently developing. The studio's competitive advantage will be in offering a diversity of illustration styles suited to the clients.

Sacred Grove produces art pieces, each signifying empowering and inspirational themes, featuring messages celebrating our beautiful natural environment and our intrinsic human nature. These art pieces will be sold at Sacred Grove's e-commerce website as well as at markets and festivals.

The School of Money Inc. provides tools to achieve financial fitness and freedom to make dreams happen! It is a socially conscious organization that leverages a full spectrum of activities to build knowledge, critical thinking, imagination and curiosity, culminating in shaping behavior. The School offers: workshops, entrepreneurial experiences, posters, books and reviews on the website; seminars and public speaking engagements, and a discussion forum called Financial Fitness and Freedom Xchange.

The concept behind SLiCE pizzeria is simple; to provide a casual yet upscale, family restaurant based upon a sports lounge atmosphere, with good food and excellent service as the cornerstones of the pizzeria. The inspiration for this establishment stems from a successful family-run pizza restaurant in southern California.

Story Ink is a biography writing service owned by a Personal Historian who will capture the memories and create a narrative keepsake. Story Ink offers seven services: Life Story, Memoir, Legacy Letter, Heirloom Cookbook, Celebration Books, Memory Posters and Corporate History. The tagline says it all: "Life's stories well told."

That Solar Place will have a store front and warehouse selling solar photovoltaic, hot water, hot air technologies, and 'green' renewable eco-friendly products to the general public, electrical contractors, and home builders. The products will be well researched, CSA approved, easy to use and easy to install solar panels and equipment. Add-on sales items will include LED lighting, energy efficient appliances, books, specialized tools for electricians and the latest info on Government incentive programs.

Spinal Integrity Inc. will provide safe, gentle, effective chiropractic care.  Its focus will be on family chiropractic offering crisis care with an emphasis on preventative and maintenance care.  It will begin as On the Fly Chiropractic, a unique mobile chiropractic service for 4 to 6 months until a practice becomes available for purchase .

YKtech Electric Services Inc. offers a full range of residential and commercial electrical services: Installation, Maintenance and Repair / Renovation, Alteration and Extension / Diagnosing and solving Electrical Problems / Troubleshoot, Service Changes / Upgrade Service panels / HVAC (heating, ventilation & air-conditioning) Systems / Obtain an Electrical Permit, Inspection / Home Theater-Audio Systems / Electrical Base Board Heaters / Custom Lighting Design / Installation Cable Trays / Fluorescent Lighting / Emergency Services / Fire Alarm Systems / Hookup Hot Tubs

Jim Spiers