Startup Entrepreneurs for March 2010

This month (March) we are excited to participate in the launch of 14 more business startups at Microbusiness Training Centre ! Would you like to help them out?  Contact us to connect you with:

AMP'd Lighting specializes in providing and operating professional lighting equipment for community halls, weddings, corporate, and entertainment events. The company produces stunning and seamless visual displays and offers competitive prices to the consumer. AMP'd Lighting will focus on assisting small events to achieve a big event feel with a small event budget.  The company has begun work with a local restaurant to renovate and install custom atmospheric lighting, and has begun marketing its brand to community halls, as well as placing advertisements in recording studios, bridal shops, and local college and university campuses.

BoomBot Productions is a new Edmonton-based music production company. Our competitive advantage will be our creativity and flexibility in digital audio production. Our focus on pre production, beat composition, post-production will become tantamount to continue revenue growth.

The founder of Calming the Ocean instructs integrative traditional health and fitness classes based on kung fu, yoga, t'ai chi, and qigong.  As well he teaches and practices Ancient Thai Massage and other healing modalities. When it comes to the integration of traditional disciplines it is usually a superficial union, and what makes the founder's approach unique is his focus on the fundamental development of these disciplines so that a beginner or a seasoned practitioner can benefit and develop a strong foundation for any discipline or path they choose to follow.

Cypress Framing frames houses and basements, and builds decks and fences.  The owner teaches his employees to build it right the first time, which means that the product will be square, level and strong.  The customer will also be taught how to take care of their investment which will save them money in the future.

Ecojet Cleaning Inc. is a residential cleaning services company, which offers a wide range of services to the residential client as well as commercial, from general room cleaning to carpet washing. Ecojet Cleaning Inc. seeks to be professional, be green and trusted by its customers. 

Era Connections Corp is an experiential marketing agency that provides live marketing and shopper marketing to small and large business in Canada. Our services are specific and measurable based on each client's marketing goal. We create and execute entertainment, real marketing and alternative promotions. Our execution of services creates a brand relationship while educating consumers on the benefits of the product or service.  We focus on our client's marketing objective targeting their right market with our live, interactive sales generating services. These services can be designed to promote any business and directly result in increased sales by creating awareness and connecting brands with relationship driven consumers. 

Fractured Insight allows people to custom design a shirt (specifically the design on the front or back) any way that they like. By intelligently leveraging cutting edge technology, Fractured Insight will harness the power of computer sublimation to allow custom shirt printing in production runs as small as one unit. Imagine creating your own customized shirt. You choose the material, colour and style of the shirt, and then the image or graphic you want on the front and/or the back. This is the ultimate form of creative expression. There are no limits to what you can communicate. Some people might show their fanaticism for a particular sports team, others for a musician. Or you might have a social message or cause on your shirt. Whatever you decide, you can print on your shirt. 

Man Friday Handy Works Inc. is in the St. Albert area. We are a new handyman company that is focusing on repairs as opposed to renovations, building or large jobs. We are focusing on smaller jobs that will be able to be completed or resolved within a few hours. We also specialize in home theatre installations, configurations and modifications. We have direct contacts in the home automation field that are requesting our services installing and servicing the home automation equipment. With our past computer network installation and modification experience we will be able to perform the installation of home automation equipment with the same exacting standards as computer networks.

Paper Escape is in Spruce Grove, Alberta serving small businesses that have a need for bookkeeping and administrative services but may not have the resources to employ full time support staff.  By offering bookkeeping, office management, human resources and catch up financial services, Paper Escape will keep these small, home based or mobile offices organized and running efficiently so the owners can concentrate on the bottom line knowing they are being taken care of behind the scenes.

Perpetual Import & Export Ltd.  specializes in sourcing products from international manufacturers. Many businesses are under pressure to compete in a global market, and are often beaten out by businesses that have international connections to cheap labour or materials. There is an increasing demand for such connections, though a lot of small businesses are wary of making such a move due in part because of the distances between their businesses and the labour sources. Perpetual Import and Export Ltd. acts as an intermediary between both parties to protect their  interests and to insure the business transactions are done properly.

Ralph's Handyman Services Ltd. is a service and renovation company. We proudly take on handyman services and small renovation contracts that other companies stay away from. Individual customer needs and wants are our main focus. The company is a home base business and has low overheads, the office is already set up, fax and phone lines are installed and the detached garage for inventory and equipment storage is very suitable. The owner is highly trained in all types of maintenance repairs, has over 35 years experience and has completely renovated houses from their exteriors to the interior of the structures. This service is tailored to supplying labour and products used to repair, replace, maintain or renovate components in residential or small commercial structures.

Tactical Procurement Services offers services designed to save time and provide purchasing, inventory and business services to small, medium, and large or corporate businesses. Services include process and systems consulting, small inventory management, procurement services on a cost plus basis, look for innovate ways to reduce inventory, organize parts and service, small inventory clean up, count and evaluation, and business management services.

Two Bodies of Water Productions is a sound recording studio based in Edmonton, Alberta.  It is the vision of the company to become Alberta's leading business partner to recording artists.  Our mission is to create an audio product that progressively blends quality and economy in the modern recording industry, and to artfully blend sound and modern technology. Two Bodies of Water Productions offers recording artists a unique opportunity to create, record, and present to an audience their product or art.  Simply put, this becomes a one stop shopping experience for the recording artist at a packaged value that is the best in the greater Edmonton area. With digital technology Two Bodies of Water Productions provides an economical alternative to the higher priced major studios while still meeting the expectations of a great quality end product. This begins with preparing the recording artist, coaching them through the performance of each part, making the recording sound as professional as possible, and helping them get their art into the hands of their fans.

Union Jacks Meat Pies & Eatery makes handmade traditional meat pies, sought after by many people of various cultures. The pastry is hand rolled and mixed, with carefully selected meats and produce, to produce a wholesome alternative to the bland and low quality frozen foods sold at grocery stores. These meat pies will be retailed at Farmers Markets in the Edmonton area.

Jim Spiers