Monetize Your Website!

It is so much easier now for new entrepreneurs to build their websites! The bigger challenge is to get your website to make money!! The featured speaker at our Microbusiness Coaching Session last month showed us

12 Steps to Monetize Your Website!

1. Find a market - who are you going to sell to? eg. guitars

2. Find your niche - what piece of the pie is your passion? eg. teach guitar chords on-line

3. Check your niche - how big or how busy is it? eg. at find out how many people search monthly for product like yours

4. Build your site - use free tools such as (like McLeans Magazine or Ford) or pay small fees to use - find a web host like

5. Get traffic - use press releases (more than one), social networks, podcasts, print advertising eg. Gibson Guitars uses Twitter!

6. Develop an e-mail list - sites like can show you the way

7. Develop trust - if you are blogging weekly, stick to it - be predictable as a source of credible information

8. Make an offer - you must be believable and valued by using powerful copy - visit or

- you can try a variety of offers until you get the results you want

9. Fulfill your offer - you could do it yourelf, drop shop or hire a fulfillment house to deliver your product

10. Automate and outsource - once you have the market and the customers you 'systemize' it so you are no longer hands-on

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11. Rinse and repeat - as soon as your first website is 'systemized' get the next one up and going

12. Retire RICH! - there, that was easy!!

Visit and enjoy the book and your new Philosophy of Life!

A big THANKS to our guest presenter, Bryan Foster, a former associate of mine at MarTech College. You can reach Bryan to comment or chat further at 

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